3rd-5th, Jun. 2019
National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)

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Solid Waste Treatment/Waste Management/
Resource Recycling/Energy

Municipal solid waste disposal
Refuse incineration & gasification
Landfill treatment
Refuse reclamation
Building waste disposal
Hazardous waste disposal
Agricultural waste disposal
Mining waste disposal
Fermentative waste disposal
Radioactive waste disposal
Medical waste disposal
Resource regeneration technology
General equipment


Waste Gas Treatment
Waste gas pollution control
Waste gas recycling
Industrial waste gas treatment
Flue-gas desulfurization & denitrification
Odor treatment equipment
Purification and deodorization
Dust removal
Air quality detector


Sludge Treatment
Sludge cleaning & storage
Sludge composting
Sludge landfill
Sludge deodorization
Sludge conveying line
Sludge treatment complete equipment
Comprehensive treatment & recycle


Soil Remediation/Land Restoration
Pollution detector
Incineration technology
Landfill technology
Chemical rinsing
Site remediation engineering